Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bounce Back

I started this little blog of mine a little over a year ago when I was working part-time and still had time to peck out a few random posts here and there. Then that nasty recession caught up with me and overnight I went back to being a full-time SAHM.

That's when things got a little crazy. Being home with my two boys was non-stop activity and by the end of most days I had just enough energy to keep my eyes open until 9 and then it was "game over". My blogging decreased dramatically and I missed it. I made several feeble attempts at a "come back" swearing to myself that I would resume a regular schedule of reading my favorite blogs and throwing a little something up on here as well. I failed miserably.

Then I got another job and found myself juggling the demands of working full-time and being a full-time mom all the while beating down the guilt and sadness of not being with my boys. I enjoyed working though and soon adjusted to the entirely new pace my life had acquired when change swooped down again. I was asked to apply for new position within my company. This new position came with more pay but also more stress, hours, and responsibility - so of course I took it. I am a glutton for punishment if nothing else! Now my work sometimes calls me into the office at 7 and keeps me there until after 5. Most nights it keeps me awake long after I should be asleep.

Being so busy has forced me to zero in on my priorities and focus on what is important to me. I have dropped a lot of activities from my schedule and I haven't missed them - except for blogging. For months now I have been thinking about all the things I would like to whine -I mean talk about, on my blog and I have just decided once again, to yank back my towel, wring out and go another round.

This time I plan to stick around.

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Calusa Studio said...

Game on, baby! I can't wait to hear more from you. I believe that anyone that can get to the gym that early, can pretty much do anything. You are super-woman.