Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Something wonderful happened over the weekend and I must say the timing was perfect since I have been feeling rather blah and droopy lately.

It was Saturday morning and Captain Crazy and I had driven down to the grocery store to buy some cake mix and baking stuff so he could make a cake for "dadda" for Father's Day. I hadn't showered yet and my favorite pink "Life is Good" baseball cap was pulled tightly down over the bird's nest that was my hair that morning.

As we were leaving the grocery store parking lot, we slowly passed by this guy in a truck. As he rolled past, I smiled a polite "have a good day" smile at him. He smiled back and then stuck his head out of his window and yelled "you're beautiful!" as loudly as he could. I was surprised to say the least since I thought I looked pretty crappy, but that didn't keep a huge smile from spreading across my face.

My husband tells me often that he thinks I'm beautiful and that I'm a good mom and so on and so forth, and his compliments always make me happy. But let's face it, husband's are supposed to think their wives are pretty - sort of like all moms are supposed to think their babies are the cutest on earth. But when a complete stranger tells a woman she's beautiful it's just different - ya know? Anyway, that sort of thing hasn't happened to me in a looong time and it was just nice to know that I'm not as invisible to the rest of the world as I sometimes think I am.

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