Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cumpumbers and Pamatoes and other interesting things

My Little D is a smidgen over two and half and to my delight he still massacres words every now and then. For example, "cumpumber" is his word for cucumber and "pamato" is his word for tamato.

His older brother could pronounce words like "kaleidoscope" "rutabaga" and "trapezoid" perfectly at age 1, which always made people think he was older than he was.

But not Little D. He called grapes "beeps" for a long time. Chicken nuggets were "chicken nugwits" and he replaced every "S' with an "H" so "snack" was instead "hack" and "Santa Claus" was "Hanta Claus".

My husband and I would correct him every now and then, just to make sure he knew the correct way to say such words and then we let him figure it out on his own, which he did. There's only a few words he doesn't get now and it sort of makes me a little sad because it means he's growing up. My last little baby is very quickly becoming a big boy -right before my tired eyes.

Anyway, I have seriously neglected my blog and I haven't been checking in with a lot of you and I feel bad.

But there's only so much a mortal woman can do, you know? And this blessed job search is the pits. So much has happened since I posted last but instead of throw all kinds of crazy at you all at once I thought some pics of our trip to the farm to pick "pamatos" would do nicely....for now.

We are big fans of community supported agriculture. In the summer, we basically buy a "membership" to one of the gobs of small farms around the area and then we get all of our produce from them until the fall. The farm we have "belonged" to the last couple of years does this thing called "salsa time" where it's members can come out to the farm and pick 50lbs of tamatos, peppers, garlic and cilantro to make salsa.

This year we picked the perfect day and the perfect time to visit the farm as the weather was gorgeous and we were the only folks there. It was heaven.

A lot of people tell me that I am very lucky to have little ones that like veggies enough to eat them of the ground. I would have to agree.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let the games begin

Oh joy - my job search has started in earnest people and all I can say blows.

A lot.

Every single minute I have spent on the computer in the past couple of weeks has been dedicated to prowling job boards, placement agency websites, newspaper websites and "how to write a kick-ass cover letter" websites.

No blogging, no Facebook, no Twitter, no email. No nothing.

I feel disconnected. Unplugged.

I did come across a position pretty early on in my search. It happened to be with a past employer - an "esteemed institution of higher learning". I thought I just might luck out and end my job search in short order seeing as how I worked for so-called institution for almost three years, and I did a good job while I was there. I also had every single iota of experience they were calling for so I wasn't surprised when I landed a phone interview. How could I not, really?

I also fully expected to be called back for an on-campus interview.

However, about three days after my phone interview, I received a rejection email from the search committee chair letting me know that they while they appreciated my interest in the position they selected finalists whose experience better suited their needs blah, blah, blah.

Whatever, Cornholio.

I do admit that my telephone interview wasn't stellar. I spent my entire morning running after, cleaning up after, and refereeing my boys. I laid Little D down for his nap and kicked The Captain out the door with the sitter about 5 minutes before the start of the interview. I was prepared, but not ready for it. If that makes any sense?

And it probably didn't help me in any way that the department Vice President is still pissed that I left my job after The Captain was born - after I promised that I was coming back and after he created a new position for me that kept me from traveling so much.

I don't really have much to say about that except 'Sorry dude, but that's how the cookie crumbles. If you didn't have a dick you'd understand'

Sadly, being cast away like a piece of trash by a former employer hasn't been the cherry on top of my delightful job search. I think that might be the numerous rejections I have received for jobs that require nothing but a heartbeat and a will to live to qualify.

This whole job search thing may be harder than I thought.