Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Teething pains

Hello everyone! How was your Memorial Day weekend? I really hope yours was great because mine SUCKED. You see, I was stuck in the house since last Thursday with a teething baby - a feverish, miserable, teething baby. At first I wasn't exactly sure what was causing his 103 fever, but I was pretty certain it was an ear infection. If not an ear infection than at least a sore throat -his throat did look red and irritated -but it could have been from all of the SCREAMING he was doing. But a visit to the doctor's ruled out an ear infection, sore throat or any other ailment as a cause of his misery. It was only after I stuck my finger in his mouth and felt the pea-sized lumps - all four of them - where his molars will soon be, was the mystery solved. I think I would feel like shit too if I had four big fat teeth coming in all at once. Needless to say, there hasn't been much sleeping, or smiling, or laughing, going on in our house - at least not by me or Dane. I feel badly for him, I really do. And I feel badly for myself too - he's been such a grouch and soooo clingy, but there's nothing I can do for him short of just loving him and snuggling him and God knows I have been doing that. I haven't even been able to pee with out him hanging off of my pants. Yesterday was the worst day so far - I was almost ready to list him on Ebay - "One very adorable, usually sweet-natured baby for cheap. Buyer beware, he is teething -all four molars coming in at once!" But thankfully it didn't come to that. His fever broke Saturday and he slowly started sleeping more peacefully through the night again. He is still more cranky and demanding than usual - but I can understand why. I just hope this teething business ends soon - it's been a hard 5 days on everyone.

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