Friday, November 7, 2008

A Halloween Wrap-up

Yeah, yeah I know Halloween was like a week ago and everyone else in the entire blogging universe posted about Halloween the very next day, but it seems like I'm behind on everything these days. Thankfully the only thing that hasn't dropped into the "behind" catagory is our mortage and bill payments!

Anyway, this was the first Halloween where the boys actually got to trick or treat together and they had a really good time. The weather was just perfect and our street was PACKED with trick-or-treaters dressed to the nines in all kinds of cute/scary/funny costumes. I even saw more mommies and daddies dressed up this year than ever before.

The Destroyer petered out around 8:00 and went home with Daddy to "help" hand out candy to the mobs of trick-or-treaters and I took Captain Crazy to a few more houses before we called it quits for the evening.

Overall it was a really fun time, probably one of the best Halloweens so far and I was sort of sad at the end of the evening when everything was over and I started thinking about the long wait till next time. At least that gives me a lot of time to create my next costume.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Yay that your kids got to go tricker-or-treating together! We had a great time too, our youngest was in the stroller, but she had a great time. I. Love. Halloween!

steenky bee said...

Hey! It DOES look like we've traded kids with the twinner Halloween costumes! I'm so glad you stopped by! I now must have your dog. I didn't care for the toddy, it dried out my skin. Wait? That was a recipe for skin softener wasn't it?

steenky bee said...

So, yeah, this is awkward. I totally came back to see if you'd give me your dog....No? One of your kids? Stalk you later!