Wednesday, December 24, 2008

HASAY update week 10??...Here we go again

It's 3 in the morning and instead of sleeping I'm pecking out this post. I'm bone tired and bleary eyed but I can't sleep because for the second night in a row, my little one is hacking up a lung in his room across the hall.

I've already done everything I can for him. We already snuggled a ton, I gave him something to drink, changed his diaper, and lubed him up with enough Vics on his feet, back and chest to last a whole day. His humidifier is cranked up to high and in an act of desperation, I even gave him a shot of cough "suppressant". The little dude is doing his best to fall asleep - he's making his little humming noise he makes while he's trying to fall asleep, but the damn coughing is just keeping him up.

He caught a cold back on the 15th - the same day he was supposed to go in for his surgery. That was one reason he didn't have his surgery -this freaking stupid winter storm was the other. It has now been 8 days that I have been stuck in the house with my little snot machine and his older brother - Cabin Fever Boy.

I could drive if I really wanted to, but driving on a combination of snow, ice, snow and ice - without chains or traction tires = stupid idea. Why risk it, right?

I can actually handle being stuck in the house. I'm pretty good of thinking up things to occupy the boys and keep them from killing each other. What has been hard is not being able to exercise. So needless to say, I don't think I accomplished much this past week. I have really tried to get up in the morning and do a work out video but I swear this weather has sucked every last drop of motivation out of my body. I have complained to everyone and anyone who will listen and the only think that makes me feel better is that it seems to be happening to them as well.

In fact this storm has messed up the week for a lot of people. As I type this, we have two friends, their little boy and their German Shepard sleeping over because they have been without power for the past four days.

I have some awesome pics of the snow and ice that is covering my town right now and if I ever see the inside of my office again I will post some of them. Since we have dial up at home it just takes to long to do much of anything online.

I am just trying to hang on and ride out this crappy weather and the little dude's cold. I'm focusing on the small positive things for now - like the fact that this storm and my little dude's cold won't last forever and that I didn't pound down some cookies while I wrote this post.

I hope all of you have a very merry Christmas, or what ever it is that you happen to celebrate this time of year.


Casey said...

I hope Dane feels better soon, those nonstop colds are NO FUN. I also hope you get out at some point, being cooped up can drive anyone nuts (believe me, I'm there). HASAY can wait until January, it's only another week away!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh, so sorry to hear he's not feeling better! Hopefully, he'll get a reprieve (which gives YOU a reprieve!).
Happy Holidays, Leslie!

Casey said...

Hope you had a good holiday and that everyone is feeling better. The HASAY train is taking off again starting tomorrow... you with us?

Mommy In Pink said...

Oh my...We were without power for a while too because of those darn ice storms that hit us hard! I really hope your little boy feels better! And thanks for your sweet and thoughtful comments on my blog..You are the best girlfriend!