Monday, December 8, 2008

HASAY Update Week 8 - On the flip side

I wish I had more for you. I really, really do. Unfortuately all I can say is more of the same - that so far I haven't lost one single solatary pound in the entire three weeks I have been participating in the HASAY challenge. But on the flip side, I haven't gained anything either. For now and for what it's worth I'm going to mark that as a success. Yes, I know I'm grabbing at straws - but throw me a bone (preferably one with lots of meat and fat on it)because I really need one about now. Being stuck on a plateau is never a fun place to be - especially in dietland -no matter how good the view is.

Seriously though, maintaining one's weight during the holidays is a good thing, right? Especially since the other night I made three batches of chocolate-dipped biscotti and nary a crumb passed by my lips. And, I also stuck to my regular exercise schedule. I'm at least proud of that.

In closing, I thought I would share my "plateau-busting" plan with you. It's simple of consists of merely three steps.

1 - GET MORE SLEEP - at least 7 hours a night. This is going to be hard for me since I am naturally a night owl. I will have to really work hard at letting go of some of my favorite night-time activities like scrapbooking, reading or couch potatoing

2. DRINK MORE WATER - at least 8 glasses a day. Sounds simple but I loath drinking water. I think I've spent most of my life partially dehydrated and it seems to suit me just fine. I have read over and over though how drinking enough water aids in weight loss so it's time to really give this one a try.

3. SWITCH TO A MOSTLY PLANT-BASED DIET -no more animal protien/animal based products for breakfast or lunch. This one might actually be the easist for me to do. I can handle rolled oats for breakfast and soups and salads for lunch - esp. since I will eat whatever I prefer for dinner which will keep my from feeling deprived. The hardest part about this step will be the meal prepration/planning.

That's it. Sounds easy enough, right? My fingers are crossed for myself and so far so good. If any of you have are struggling with similar issues, or are camped out on your own plateau, or have any other tips I would love to hear from you.

In the meantime - happy HASAYING!


Casey said...

I've been eating leftover birthday cupcakes as fast as I can shove them in my mouth, so your skipping chocolate-dipped biscotti is very impressive. I'm pretty sure that most of us HASAYers are trying to maintain until after the holidays and it's nearly impossible not to give into the temptations. Drinking water is tough, we were on a diet where we drank 100oz a day and it KILLED me. I hated drinking it but I hated peeing every two seconds even more. Good luck with the water drinking, I may follow suit and start chugging some myself.

Lisette said...

I think you're doing good. If you can maintain this time of the year that's great. Most people gain weight. It's hard when you have two little ones running around (especially when they are close in ages like ours). Sometimes a breakfast is whatever we can throw in our mouth in between trying to feed the little ones. LOL.

Good job and keep it up.


Mrsbear said...

I'd have trouble with a mostly plant diet, I'm a carnivore at heart, but you definitely have a plan. I'd like to drink more water too, but I find during the day I'm just not thirsty and just drinking gallons of water for the sake of drinking gallons of water, gets old. Maintaining your weight during the holidays is definitely an accomplishment though, good luck this week.

Aloicoius said...

I will attest to the fact that water = weight loss. Good luck girly!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Not gaining weight this time of year is indeed commendable. I'm stuck in that spot where I debate really truly trying to lose weight or just accept the fact that I will never get this 20 pounds off of me and buy some new clothes already.