Monday, May 18, 2009

Toy Envy

When I was a kid growing up some thirty odd years ago, I played with sticks and rocks and made mud pies in my back yard. I wore checkered and striped polyester, and I didn't even ride in a car seat - hell, I didn't even wear a seat belt.

Times sure have changed. My boys ride in car seats and wear helmets and blah, blah, blah, and they have way cooler clothes than I do and their toys - well, let's just say that just might have a slight case of toy envy.

There are soooo many cool toys on the market now - things that I would have never imagined when I was a kid. But all of that selection and the overwhelming coolness of everything can honestly be a little overwhelming sometimes. But that's where ebeanstalk can help because they have already done the work for me. Visit and see for yourself. And since times are tight but birthdays still roll around anyway, all of my readers will get 15% off their first purchase - just enter the code TGS345 at the shopping cart. Happy shopping!

Ebeanstalk is dedicated to a baby's development. And we select the best baby toys matched to a baby's development. To see great information on how a baby grows up, check out the info on our baby toys page.

Picking toys for a baby is not as simple as it sounds. Here are some quick baby facts:

  • Toys for a newborn baby: A newborn baby is briefly looking at objects and attempting to imitate facial expressions. They can follow objects with their eyes and usually quiet down, when they are picked up.

  • Toys for a three month old: They will enjoy ‘frolic play', reaching for objects and will repeat enjoyable activities. Believe it or not, they will respond to ‘no' (about half the time) and will start babbling.

  • Toys for a six month old: They'll search for hidden objects (object permanence). They'll reach for themselves in the mirror, play peekaboo, crumple paper, roll from their stomach to their back and even respond to their name.

  • Toys for a nine month old: They are pushing toy cars, playing pat-a-cake and looking for hidden sounds. The baby toys they are playing with are also getting more fun.


Bex said...

thanks for the tip and the discount code! you rock!

Sarah said...

Makes me wish I had a baby to buy toys for... but only for a moment. Maybe I will find a new pregnant friend! I loved buying toys for my babies, clothes too. Enjoy this! It will pass way to quickly

Sprite's Keeper said...

More cool stuff I can't afford!

Casey said...

Very cool, thanks! Unfortunately, I can't walk 2" without stepping on a toy around here so we're not yet in the market for anything new.