Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It was a whopper!


So we took the boys fishing last weekend. It was The Captain's third or fourth time and as you can see, he already has the ability of a seasoned pro. Just look at the whopper on his line!

But Little D was not to be outdone by his big brother and landed his first catch of the day too.

We took them fishing at some ponds outside of town. I hate fishing in ponds. Actually I just plain hate ponds. Especially the kind that have half weed, half nasty-ass scum-of-some-type covering the surface. These ponds did - as you can see by the picture. Doesn't that look like the perfect pond home for a swamp monster, or a dead body??? Shiver.

I have never been a fan of large, murky bodies of water. I have always had a problem with swimming in them because I'm totally afraid that something could be lurking right below the surface, just waiting to get me. I saw a movie a loooong time ago about a big swamp blob that ate a pack of swimmers after they took an innocent afternoon dip. I was at a very impressionable age so I'm sure that's why I'm such a freak about it.

Anyway, after the boys grew bored with fishing, they ate some watermelon and then went exploring.

Then we drove to a nearby peach orchard and picked some peaches.
Notice Little D going for all the rotten fruit on the ground. But he quickly figured out that the peaches from the tree were much tastier.

After we had eaten/picked our fill we went home. The boys were muddy, tired, sticky and exhausted - a sign of a very good day.

Looking back at this summer, I think we have had quite a few great days and I'm really thankful for that. I have enjoyed being able to spend more time my boys, taking them to the beach, the zoo, and the water parks.

I'm looking for work now and will probably end up going back full-time. Even though I knew this time would come sooner or later, it's still going to be hard, so my plan for now is to enjoy the rest of the time that I have left and really make the most of it. I think I hear the beach calling my name again!


Sprite's Keeper said...

Looks like a great time!

HeatherPride said...

Is that really a fish in the first picture? If so, that's hilarious! Looks like an awesome day!

Also, I know exactly the movie you're talking about. I'm pretty sure it was part of "Creep Show," no?

Bex said...

what anglers you have on your hands!

great pics! what a great day! now the spongebob song, 'best day ever' is stuck in my head.

Hazel said...

Wow. Just so you know, you are a great dad. When I was little, my dad spent as much time possible with my brothers and I. Now we have a great relationship with him. I'm a few states away (and in college) and we stil talk all the time! I wish I could say the same for my friends...

Stick with your boys and you'll be amazed at how great they turn out to be just because you spend so much time with them.

P.S. I wasn't trying to toot my own just happened. haha