Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Rat Race

Boy howdy folks - time hasn't been flying for me - it's been moving at warp speed - or so it seems.

Again it's been forever since I have posted and I really miss you all. Honestly I am trying to post more, but finding the time has been hard since I don't have a job where I sit on my arse all day where my main responsibility was to just look busy.

I AM busy in this job....very busy and I love it. At first I have to admit it was very difficult being away from the boys. There were a few times I tried to write a post about what a crappy mother I felt like for going back to work, but I never had time to finish it. Now I'm more or less over that feeling. More or less. It also sucked having to be at the gym at 4:45 AM so I could get my workout done and be home in the shower by 6. And it really sucked having to pluck the little guys, all warm and toasty out of their beds at such an early hour and then listen to them whine, argue and complain all through breakfast because they were so tired and cranky. Yes, the first couple of weeks were very lovely.

But as we humans do, we have all adjusted to the new routine of mommy bringing home some bacon too. And things are going well. Little D and Captain Crazy are doing great in school and honestly I think they adjusted faster and easier than I did. (I actually carried one of Little D's socks around in my pocket one day I missed them so much)

I do have lots to write about. Some of the people I work with are crazy, and some are a few fries short of Happy Meal, but they are all good people and really nice and fun to be around. One of the managers is a nice, tall drink of water and since he's not my boss so I don't feel bad getting all slobbery when he walks by. But, more about all of that and other things will have to wait for now. I have to hit the shower early this morning.

Thanks for still stopping by and checking to see if I am alive. I do love to see to you here!


Bex said...

this is why i'm a SAHM. how do you do it? you and all of the other working moms? amazing.

Calusa Studio said...

Working and raising a family, especially a young family, is truly a challenge. So many of my mommy friends struggle with the decision of returning to work, and many that do go back then wrestle feelings of guilt over not being with their children full time. But really, when the week is over, whether you're a SAHM, full-time or part-time working mom, we should all remind ourselves that it's not how much time we spent with our kids, but what we did with the time we had. You're amazing!

I will keep that precious image of you carrying Little D's sock around in your pocket - it made my heart squishy.