Sunday, August 29, 2010


This year it should have been copper, last year candy, the year before that wood, and the year before that flowers.

If you are the other half of a couple that marks milestones with presents, cards and sweet little nothings, then you get the picture.

This past weekend was our 7th anniversary. And this year, just like in all the past years, it came and went without much fanfare. Again it felt like the date snuck up on us, took us by surprise. We scrambled to find a baby-sitter and rushed to make dinner reservations. Again no presents -just dinner and a movie and then home before 12 so the babysitter wouldn't be out too late. We didn't even open our cards on our anniversary - I forgot to take mine to dinner and I left his in my purse - so we opened them separately when we each had time this weekend.

Our lackadaisical attitude would surely bother some, but my husband doesn't have a romantic bone in his entire body so this kind of half-assed attempt at celebrating such a big milestone doesn't bother him. In fact, we often poke fun at how unromantic he can be - which we often back up with the story of how he asked me to marry him by handing me my ring in it's box and saying "here ya go" while his roommate ate a burrito the size of a small baby on the couch right next to me.

Sometimes I think back and wonder where the time went. but other times it feels like I have been married F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Not to dump on my marriage or anything because I know for a fact he feels the exact same way at times. We each have our little habits that drive the other to drink. He swears that I have poor organizational skills which he likes to point out every time I misplace my car keys or my cell phone. He leaves his shoes right, smack in front of the doorstep so that when you step out the door, you risk twisting your ankle or falling and breaking your neck - it all depends on the size and number of his shoes that are left there. We both of course deny having any faults of any kind - but I have photographic proof. This was taken last year on our trip to Hawaii to visit his parents. It's a death trap! So now I know why he does what he does. Yikes!

But as half-assed as our date nights and milestone celebrations might be - it's still great being married to him. And what he lacks romantically he makes up for with heaps of loyalty, dependablility, kindness, and humor - which comes in handy when I'm yelling at him because I just tripped over his sneakers....again.


Bex said...

Awww.... That is so sweet! Romance is overrated. What is really important - as you know - is being a team.

Congratulations on your anniversary! (My 7th is coming up too - I don't usually keep up with the candy, copper, brass stuff but maybe I will this year ... since you mentioned it!)

Calusa Studio said...

I love your post, it's great. You could've been describing any of our anniversaries! In fact, our's is tomorrow and I know for certain that there are no plans for dinner, cards, cake, presents...Last year, two days AFTER our anniversary, we looked at each other at the same time to smile and say 'You know what we forgot?' That being said, I wouldn't want to change anything about our relationship - it's perfect for us. I once dated someone who was the perfect gifter, but he was also a perfect asshole. Thanks for sharing!

Casey said...

Awww, happy anniversary! Mine lacks the romantic gene too.... we usually forget our anniversary.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Yeah, I'm completely unorganized. Hubby is completely organized (about most things) and very neat. I'm not neat at all. We were married 8 years on July 13 and despite the's been awesome.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Also, I'm starting to leave comments on my blog. Emailing with Typepad is too time consuming!

Haddock said...

But those footwear shows that there is life and fun in the house.