Monday, March 24, 2008

Stupid People Say the Darndest Things

I just finished my usual afternoon visits to some of my favorite blogs. Often times I get in some good laughs and almost always I leave with some much needed perspective. But not today. Today I read a post on Flotsom, one of my favorite blogs. Flotsam's author, Alexa, is a super kick-ass new mom who has experienced more struggles and sorrow than any heart should have to bear - and yet she has done so with an amazing sense of grace and courage I know I could never muster myself. Alexa's beautiful little daughter, Simone, is a micro-preemie and is doing her thing in a NICU. I check Flotsam every other day just to hear how she's coming along. But today in place of Alexa's usual posting about Simone's latest improvements, I read something quite disturbing. It left me feeling angry, disgusted and sad. It seems that some very STUPID people, (Alexa referred to them in her post as "Commentators from a Certain Child Free Site", but I'm going to refer to them more aptly as douche bags and dickheads) have taken aim at her and Simone. I know there are folks out there who can't stand babies or children and who think being a mother is the ultimate death sentence and they have a right to their opinions. But it makes me so angry that people would actually say such hateful things about a little innocent baby and children in general. I don't know Alexa personally, but again she handled all with grace and the razor sharp wit she used in replying to the douche bags and dickheads was outstanding. If it were me I would've just hunted them down, ripped off their heads and shit down their necks. But that's just me.

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