Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Search is Over

I would consider myself to be a pretty decent cook and I always enjoy trying a cool new recipe. I have been searching the internet for a while looking for a good food blog and now my search is over. For those of you who love food and love to cook, you have to check out this blog, Use Real Butter, by Jen Yu. (You'll have to click on it from my blog roll section though because I still haven't figured out how to link to things within my posts. Hey, I just said I was decent at cooking, not using a computer!)

Anyway, I just found it today and it's awesome. The photography is ahhh-mazing! and it's packed with mouth-watering recipes! The entire site is delicious! Just do yourself a favor and don't visit on an empty stomach or you'll find yourself clawing at your screen in a useless attempt to get at some of the delicious looking food. Happy drooling!

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Sonya said...

Thanks for stopping by to say Hi! I think you are just as strong for saying you didn't want to re-up, than actually re-uping. It is such a hard decision to make!

Thanks for you well wishes and again, Thanks for stopping by! OOOHH...and thanks for the link to the BEAUTIFUL food page!!! WOW!!! Can't wait to catch up on her posts!

Take Care!!