Friday, September 12, 2008

My head is going to explode

I have had so much on my mind lately and there's been so many times I have wanted to post about this or that only to run out of time at the end of the day, never getting to say that I wanted to say. You see, I can only blog when I'm at work, which is not ideal I know. But I have dial-up at home and that, totally sucks. So, in an effort to get everything out of my head, I am squishing a whole bunch of stuff into one post and it will probably sound skitzo as hell - but what the hay.

To begin with, I'm really tired of being tired. The Destroyer woke up at 1:45 a.m. this morning, like he does every other morning, wanting to eat. Fortunately, once The Destroyer eats his snack, which takes about 15 minutes, he's more than happy to go back to bed and go to sleep, but sometimes that just doesn't happen and last night was one of those nights. Around 3 a.m. I got back up because he had been tootling around in his crib for over an hour, and every once in awhile would let loose with a sweet but pathetic "Mommy?" Fearing he was sitting in a diaper full of crap, I decided to check on him. Of course, he was fine. All he wanted to do was polish off the rest of the banana he had left un-eaten earlier in the evening. And yes, I could just say "no" to the little guy and leave him in his crib, but that would be bad because then not only would he still be awake, he would be very, very, very, unhappy and he would be screaming very, very, very loudly for a very, very, very long time. So, 15 minutes of watching him stuff his happy little face with food is much more enjoyable than hours of torture for the whole family. I just have to figure out a way to shut my mind off and relax enough to fall back to sleep. Maybe I could slam a couple of shots of vodka while The Destroyer is eating his snack. Or not.

Captain Crazy is turned 4 yesterday. 4! WTF? Where has the time gone. I was working on his cake last night and it felt like yesterday when I was making his 1st birthday cake. I just can't believe how quickly the time has passed and how quickly he went from my little baby to my big boy. He's totally and completely into Spiderman right now so his birthday theme is Spiderman and I am making a Spiderman cake for his party this Saturday. I'm attempting what's called a "buttercream transfer" and if it turns out I'll post pics and instructions next week. He's having 8 friends over for his party and I am hoping all goes well. I'm a little nervous though because he woke up this morning with a boogery nose and some sneezing. I have never had to re-schedule a birthday party and I hope I don't have to now.

The in laws are here for a week long visit. The kids are happy to see them and it's nice having them around. I picked them up at the airport yesterday. Their flight was scheduled to land at PDX at 5:20 p.m. so I left at 3:00 -without the kids- and was practically giddy with excitement because I was planning on stopping at Ikea for some quick shopping. My excitement completely disappeared as I turned onto I-205 and screeched to a halt behind miles and miles of bumper to bumper traffic. I crept along for the next 40 minutes at 5 mph and to say I was majorly unhappy was putting it lightly. I didn't even get to the airport until 5:45. All I could think about the entire time was 'my husband gets four - FOUR DAYS - of uninterrupted fishing in Montana and I can't even get my hour at Ikea??? WTF??'

I am going to cancel my Weight Watchers membership...again. I'm just getting really frustrated with going every week to weigh in only to find that my weight hasn't budged an ounce and if it has it budged in the WRONG direction. So, instead of shelling out $40 every month on the monthly pass, I think I'm going to invest some of that money in a good high quality scale and some kick-ass exercise videos. Linda from All and Sundry says that '30 Minute Shred' gave her muscles in her armpits. I want muscles in my armpits too. I also found a great calorie counting website called and I have been using it religiously for a couple of weeks. It has all sorts of neat weight management tools and it's very easy to understand and to use. The best part is or course that it's free!

Oh yeah, one more thing and then I'll stop throwing up all over my blog I promise.
I have never been very interested in politics before. But that good 'ol ass monkey Bush and his fuck-ups over the years have really taught me that I have to take an interest in what is happening in our world and in the people who are running for President. I can't just sit idly by like I used to and think "who ever is elected will do a good enough job" What they do and what they believe in, WILL affect us people! And with that I just have to say I really, really hope Obama gets elected. When I hear that McCain has a slight lead over him in the polls, I just want to scream "WAKE UP PEOPLE" I know there's all this talk right now about Obama's lack of experience, and some are of course bringing up the diversity card because let's face it- it wouldn't be America without doing that now would it? In my opinion I wouldn't care if he was purple, I would still vote for him because I think he does have the experience to lead this country in the RIGHT direction and by the RIGHT direction I mean OUT of war, not into another one with Russia or Iran and into economic stability and even, *gasp* -prosperity once again. Everyone is gooshing over Sarah Palin. Why? I think she has already proven herself to be inconsistent and snarky and I think if McCain/Palin are elected and McCain kicks the bucket we would be seriously SCREWED if she took the reigns. What I hope it comes down to is Obama/Biden taking office. If it's anything different I think we may look into moving to Canada.


Rachel said...

Let me know if the armpit muscle thing works out for you because I might have to invest in the video as well. I agree with your political views, I don't care that Palin is a mother of 5 children. She will not only be a shitty VP but a shitty mom as well because she will never see them. Although McCain is a badass, he may be too trigger happy in times of war.

Unknown said...

first of all stop referring to your children as captain crazy & the destroyer, it's just negative and won't help anyone. I am 51 years old my children are grown, and yes it happens over night. but they will always need you and appreciate any help or advice you give them. Even the unwanted kind. Americans are in for a rough and rude awakening. Money never saved anyone Only faith in our creator. Greed is what killed our country, only years of selfless sacrifice can restore it, But that may not happen. Deb

Leslie said...

Okay "God Mother" - first of all -stop telling me what to do with my own children. They're my kids, they know I love them with every fiber of my being and I cherish every single day I have with them. Furthermore, the nicknames I have given my kids shouldn't concern you in the least - I use them on my blog so I don't use their real names - ever thought about that?
And yes, greed is what put us in the in the position we're currently in - but America is far from dead - lighten up a little.