Friday, October 24, 2008


It's amazing how easliy time can get away from you. For some reason I really can't remember, I started to fall behind on my blogging. One week went by, then another, then another, then yet another. Before I knew it, more than a month had passed since my last post. I wanted to write stuff- I really did. A lot has happened in the time since my last post. Captain Crazy turned 4 and I made an absolutely killer Spiderman cake for his birthday, I turned 37 (yikes), Captain Crazy started Pre-K, my 16-year-old dog passed away, we had a week long visit from my in-laws, etc. etc.

I guess part of the reason I let my blogging activity slide is because I struggle with every single post and it ends up feeling like WORK and I don't want it to feel like that but that's what happens. I agonize over every single post wondering if what I just wrote even matters or not. Anyway, I finally decided that I'm just going to write something - anything, to get better at writing and just to get something "out there". My whole point of starting this blog was to share something with the world - to share stuff about parenting and life with kids and if other people related to it - great. If they didn't then they didn't have to read my blog - simple as that I guess. So, here's to the new day #1 of my blog. I'll be back when I can decide on which of the zillions of things I want to write about first.

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