Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HASAY Update Week 12? Work place weight loss plan

Hi everyone! I hope all of you fellow HASAYER's had a successful week. I'm still plodding along - doing the best I can. I am happy to report that this week the scale decided to throw me a bone. I'm down a couple of pounds - finally. I think "Aunt Flow's" monthly visit was to blame for the exceptionally large number on the scale last week. What ever the reason for the loss I just thank God for it - I was beginning to think my body's fat-burning mechanism was permanently damaged.

In order to keep my HASAY posts from boring the living shit out of you and to hopefully keep all of you coming back to see me (because your comments really brighten my day) I have decided to share my Super-Duper Deluxe at Work Weight Loss Plan with you. That's right - I developed it and I'm even planning on writing a book about it too. Watch for it to hit store shelves soon.

But before you get all excited and stuff, I do have to say that it's not for everyone because, well, blasting music and dancing around the office like a wild banshi is generally frowned upon - especially when you work with other people.

I, however, work by myself. Completely alone. Very alone. Rarely does someone come into the office and some days I only communicate with other people via email.

During one particularly quiet day I got to thinking - since I have all of this privacy and dare I say "freedom" here at work, I should really make the most of it. The next day I purchased a little timer, brought my walking shoes, my yoga mat and my resistance bands into work and now I exercise in my office - especially on days when I don't make it to the gym in the mornings.

It's a very simple plan actually. I set my timer for one hour intervals and when it rings I get up from my desk and dance around the office, or do kickboxing type cardio moves, or do sit-ups, or walk around the office complex, or use the resistance bands. I do this every hour all day long. Some days I actually get in about a hour of activity this way and it seems to be working.

The benefits have been many - I'm more focused and awake and my ass doesn't feel like a 10 foot wide pancake at the end of the day from sitting in front of computer ALL DAY LONG.

Now, some days I don't follow it as well as I should because I'm just too busy. But this morning I have already clocked in 10 minutes of wild banshi dancing and I have about 35 minutes to go until my next round. I think I'll go for a walk this time - would like to join me?


beth said...

It is harder to keep it up when no one's around to check on you. Well done.

Mrsbear said...

Hey that's not a bad idea actually. My office is even more accommodating since I'm home. I might even be able to rope the kids in to some banshee dancing. And a couple of pounds is definitely something to brag about. Go you!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Keep going! I wish I could get up and dance in my office every hour on the hour, but then they would probably use that insanity title on me..

Casey said...

Very nice strategy, my dear. Do you work at home or at an actual office? You'd better hope there are no security cameras there, that would make some good Youtube footage. I had to chuckle at your ten foot pancake metaphor since that's exactly what my ass feels like.

Keep it up this week, I think you've found a way to make exercise fun. How weird is that?

Keely said...

That's a fantastic idea! Keep that metabolism up there!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the weight loss! And what a great way to sneak in exercise! Makes me wish I didn't work in cubicle hell so I could follow in your footsteps!

Laufa said...

I would so get into trouble if I got up and danced around like a banshi, they frown upon me just listening to my headphones now. Have fun though, sounds like your day goes by faster that way too.