Thursday, January 31, 2008

I hate this

Looking for daycare sucks! I would rather undergo a 12 hour root canal than dial number after number only to find out that the person on the other end of the line is 1) a complete freak 2) is the cat lady 3) or the dog lady 4) smokes -in a daycare? REALLY? 5) is actually normal but oh, so sorry doesn't have any openings coming up until the next ice age.

Seriously - this is pretty emotionally exhausting. I am losing sleep over this. I have spoken with at least 25 daycare providers and have went to only three personal interviews so far. One lady had 7, yes 7, cats. A couple of other providers had several huge dogs that they promised "just love the little ones". Yeah, they love them as snacks I'm sure. And just too many I have spoken to spend most of the day schlepping their little charges back and forth between school drop-offs and pick-ups and sports practices and on and on. They all assured me that the kids "just love it" - but they haven't met my baby, Dane, and witnessed his extreme hatred of his carseat. It would not be a good situation.

So, I am trodding along and praying that someone will surface that is everything that my children and myself need and desire in a daycare provider. If you're the praying type send some good vibes my way - I would appreciate it.

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