Tuesday, January 29, 2008

You're Outta Here!

My daycare provider, (I'll call her TL for TOTAL LOSER) officially gave my kids "the boot" last Friday. Her exact words to me were "February 29th will be the last day I will be able to provide care for your boys. I hope we can part on good terms because I consider you to be a close friend and I know we both gave it our best" All I managed to do was stammer out a measley "okay", turn tail and leave. Since they are only 10 months and 3 years old, they have never been kicked out of anything before and I took it personally. Truthfully though, I saw it coming. TL has been grumbling about my boys for the good part of a month now, coming up with a variety of "complaints" about them. At first she said she was going to let my baby go because his "personality didn't fit in with the group" He's a baby for God's sake - how can his personality not "fit in"? Is he telling offensive jokes? Or maybe he's putting the moves on TL's 18 month-old daughter. She also claimed that my oldest son was"bored". When I asked her to explain more precisely why she had her panties in a knot, she gave me one lame explanation after another, none of which made any sense to me. She has A LOT of daycare experience. She knows how to get babies to nap on schedule and she knows how to keep a pre-schooler engaged and stimulated so her general unhappiness with my kids really had me stumped...until I finally put two and two together.

It turns out that our part-time existence in her daycare doesn't generate the KA-CHING she needs to continue her bad habit of buying crap she doesn't need. To remedy this cash-flow problem, she has three full-time kids, two of which are babies, (which means BIG BUCKS), waiting to fill the spots left by our departure. Now, I'm a reasonable person. I understand that we're talking about her income, but I'm still rather pissed about the whole thing- as if you couldn't tell by this post. Trying to pin the blame on my boys is so dis-respectful to them. By no fault of their own they have to leave a place they have always enjoyed. Unfortunately she has me by the short hairs and there's nothing I can do.

I know I'm either completely nutso or just really, really brave to put up a post about daycare drama. This topic can be as hot as immunizations. So, as I delve into the overwhelming and emotionally draining process of hunting for a new daycare, I would love to hear any HELPFUL feedback that one may have. I stress HELPFUL because I don't need to hear that I'm a crappy mom for having them in daycare in the first place. I would lay down my life for my boys without so much as blinking. It's just that some of us moms have to work, and God forbid, some moms even like to work - but we don't like being deemed a bad mother because of it. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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